Student Comments: Microsoft Excel Advanced Training

See what our student said: Microsoft Excel Advanced Training

“Saya pelajari apa itu Macro dan Pivot. Ianya dapat membantu saya dalam penyediaan laporan.”

– Nor Dalilah Binti Selamon, Tekun National

“Kursus ini disampaikan dengan tepat, ringkas dan padat. Tenaga pengajarnya juga menyampaikan kursus ini dengan baik.”

– Norlina Binti Mohamed Mokhtar, Tekun National

Happy Eid Mubarak wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all customers and participants especially the Islamic religion. Maaf zahir dan batin.

What is a PivotTable?

PivotTable is one of the most powerful features in Excel. It will save you a lot of time to summarize your large, detailed data set into a meaningful report.

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Conditional Formatting in Excel

Make your data easier to read.

With Conditional Formatting, you can highlight the data with a certain color or style based on cell values. For example, you can highlight the sales above RM8000 by creating certain rule. You also can find duplicated items, hide errors, compare two lists, etc. Conditional Formatting is a powerful feature in Excel and can do more than many people realize.

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Goal Seek in Excel

Situation: You want to buy a house and the lender offer loan on at RM 500,000 over 20 years. With this you can find out how much your pay back per month using all those calculators on the net.

But what if you set your budget to pay RM 1,300 installment per month. So based on mortgage rate, how much worth of house you can afford for RM 1,300 per month?

Goal Seek allows you to analyses the best value for you to achieve your desired goal.

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